Senior Vic titles – Round 3 & USA CAMP promo – Race report

By M.A.D 0

Round three of the Senior Victorian state titles took place at Wonthaggi on the weekend of June 4th / 5th and saw the MAD Peter Stevens KTM junior development team coaches of Matt Van Slooten and Joe Stevens competing in the 450 Pro and 450 A classes respectively to help promote the upcoming MAD USA off season camp taking place November 23rd to December 12th 2016.

Team title sponsors Peter Stevens Motorcycles were once again amazing with support in providing promotional sets of FOX Australia Limited edition USA MXON themed riding gear and Collective Family USA graphics, the teams pit set up was busy all day with riders, families and race day fans stopping by to check out the USA Camp flags, signage, bikes, brochures and more!

Take a look at the teams image gallery below thanks to Marc Jones Photography

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For MAD Moto-X Athlete Development owner and coaching director Joe Stevens, the race marked his first competitive appearance at state or national level in four years since 2012;

” This race was all about getting back behind the gate, having some fun and also to help promote our upcoming MAD USA Camp in November 2016. I love to get creative, make a buzz around the pits and thanks to Peter Stevens getting behind my ideas we had some awesome limited edition FOX gear and graphics to help promote at the event. The camp is something we have put together for Australian riders to come over with us to Southern California and experience the sport at an elite level. We are riding and coaching at the best tracks in the world every week, Glen Helen, Pala, Lake Elsinore etc along with training in the world class “Rockwell training facility” motocross focused gym. We handle everything from accommodation to transport and bike hire through our team partners Race Socal in the USA, the riders who attend will get  the opportunity to be at the track and training in the gym with the worlds best riders for a three week period, basically getting to live the dream. It’s something I was lucky enough to do as a teenager coming over from the UK and I really hope a lot of riders take advantage of the opportunity we are giving them with this USA camp”

“My last race prior to this was the 2012 MX Nationals at Wonthaggi, where after a pretty disappointing day I decided to finish up chasing the circuit and racing at a professional level to pursue my coaching and gym business full time. Back then I was rocking up in a mid 90’s Toyota Hiace van with whatever mechanic I could find to work with me each round of the series, my one bike was beat up with hundreds of hours on it and I barely had enough money to get from round to round, so to come back to the same venue I finished up at with a full team set up, amazing sponsors and my own program to promote felt pretty cool.” 

“The funny thing is I think I only ever competed in one other Vic titles race in 2012 and I believe that was the opening round? My race career was always pretty erratic due to funding as a privateer and after finishing up racing pro in the UK in 2007 as a teenager, I only raced a few regionals in 2011 and then the first three MX Nationals of 2012. So even though I’ve attended a bunch of Vic titles races as a coach and mentor, I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect as a racer” 

“I raced the 450 A class and honestly had a lot of fun! My starts were not that great and I just struggled with the early race intensity, I felt like I could hang with the speed of the front guys ok but if I pushed too hard early on my arms blew out and that was it. My first Moto that was the case with the worst arm pump ever, I think i crashed, went off the track twice and everything in between! But moto’s two and three were better, I started in the top ten and made a few passes, 9th overall on the day was good but I was just pumped to finish 3 x 20 minute moto’s. I gave myself six weeks on the bike and in the gym after four years of basically only riding at our MAD coaching camps and at few photo shoots a month. Everyone know’s that’s pretty much rail one section and then chill out so going back to riding a full length race day was a real shock to the system!” 

“It was a great feeling to be back at the races, having my girlfriend Taittum by my side. I’m a workaholic and she’s always pushing me to work less and take some time for myself, that’s a big reason I raced, to do something for myself again after dedicating these last four years to building the MAD brand. Thanks to the Van Slooten family and Steve from SPMX who all helped me throughout the day along with Peter Stevens and all our other sponsors for making the day possible. You’ll probably be seeing me at Swan Hill for round four in July”. 

MAD’s Assistant head riding coach and MAD Peter Stevens KTM’s 450 pro class rider Matt Van Slooten and  had a challenging day at Wonthaggi. Suffering from a small mechanical issue in race one and aggravating an old knee injury in race three, Slootz pushed forward all day despite these set backs finishing a respectable 5th overall on the day and now Matt holds onto third in the championship heading into the final round! “It’s a shame the day went the way it did, because I love racing at Wonthaggi and felt I had the speed to challenge for wins today. But that’s racing sometimes and to have a bad day and hold onto third in the championship is good heading into Swan Hill”

The MAD Peter Stevens junior development team now turn our attention to our Junior Nationals preparation coaching camp in Renmark S.A on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of July along with camps at Wonthaggi June 28th / 29th and Rosebud July 23rd.

We wish to take the time to thank the following sponsors for their support this season; Peter Stevens Motorcycles, KTM Australia, FOX Australia, Dunlop, Repsol Oils, SPMX, The Collective, Slootz Designs, Dirtybits Moto Accessories, Titan protein, Flush Fitness, Flooring and Race Socal Mx vacations.