Junior Vic state titles round 4 – Race report and Championship review

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The MAD Peter Stevens KTM junior development team made the long journey to Mildura on June 11th / 12th, on the border of Victoria and NSW, for the final round of the 2016 Junior Victorian state titles series. With a drama filled weekend that saw the team come very close to claiming it’s first A grade championship, Mildura was all systems go for the team riders to finish the season off on a high note leading into the break before Junior Nationals. In this race report we will be summarizing our team riders season progress so far at the conclusion of the state series in 2016.


MAD PETER STEVENS KTM junior development team pits 

The 2016 Junior Victorian state titles series has seen the largest team presence in recent memory with factory teams representing Honda, KTM, Husqvarna and Yamaha. Our team prides itself on representing our sponsors to the highest levels and the The MAD Peter Stevens KTM junior development team pit tents, team uniforms and promotional displays were a huge hit with the riders, families and fans attending each round on race day. The team tent also provided a valuable working space for our team technician Steve Powell from SPMX to work on the bikes and talk with our rides between moto’s about settings. Take a look at some of the action from the pits in the below gallery.

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Micheal Murphy 

85cc B/W A – 2nd overall in Championship 

Round 1 – Outtrim –  1st

Round 2 – Warrnambool – 2nd

Round 3- Arrarat – 2nd

Round 4 – Mildura- 1st 

Michael Murphy has been a revelation this season for the junior racing industry as a whole, seeing a rider rise from being relatively unknown to battling for an 85cc B/W A class state title at an elite amateur level against the factory teams. Murphy took his second overall Victory of the season at Mildura, with 1-2-2 moto scores.  After a first moto holeshot and win, Murphy closed up an eight point gap to to within six points of the championship series leader Bailey Malkiewitz who charged back to fifth position after a first turn crash. This blew the championship wide open and essentially meant whoever won the last two races of the series would emerge as the champion! With his trademark holeshots, Murphy lead moto’s two and three early on and battled hard all the way to the final Moto for the championship with bailey Malkiewitz.

Finishing second in the highly competitive 85cc B/W A class championship is a huge achievement for Micheal Murphy and the MAD Peter Stevens KTM junior development team, just one month ago Murphy sat in Hospital with a shoulder injury waiting on doctors clearance to ride again and we are thrilled with the progress Micheal has shown this season on the B/W 85cc machine and the team will now begin working hard to transfer that form to the 125cc A class for junior nationals.


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Josh Brewster 

125cc A class – 12th overall in Championship 

Round 1 – Outtrim –  20th 

Round 2 – Warrnambool – 16th 

Round 3- Arrarat – 9th

Round 4 – Mildura- 13th 

Josh Brewster battled hard and steadily improved throughout the 2016 series. Moving from B grade to A grade in 2016 saw Josh compete in his final year of junior competition at the Elite A grade level in what has been widely recognized by the industry to be the fastest 125/250 graduating class of riders in recent history. With state champions from WA, SA, NT, NSW and VIC in the series along with junior world champions and a host of elite level Victorian riders it’s safe to say that Josh had his work cut out for him. His determination and constant commitment to the sport saw him bounce back from a 20th overall at round one to a season best ninth overall with top ten moto scores at round three in Ararat. Josh showed flashes of brilliance with a holeshot at the final round in Mildura and great early moto speed running with the elite level factory riders. Unfortunately crashes and inconsistency put a limit to Josh’s results this season at the early rounds and his performances at the final two rounds could only climb him so far in the championship points.  The team will now work to improve Josh’s moto consistency and race craft leading into the junior nationals.

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Riley Findlay

85cc B/W A – 10th overall in Championship 

Round 1 – Outtrim –  15th

Round 2 – Warrnambool – 9th

Round 3- Arrarat – 11th

Round 4 – Mildura- 9th 


Riley findlay bounced back from a injury riddled 2015 season to complete his first full season of competition in the B/W 85cc A class. Much like the graduating 125/250 class, the elite group of riders at the top of their age group in the 85cc B/W A class meant Riley would have his work cut out for him finding his confidence and speed again in 2016. Similar to Brewster, Riley Findlay showed flashes of brilliance throughout the season that progressed him to a season best 8th Moto score in the very final race of the series in Mildura, despite being involved in the opening moto’s huge first turn crash. With age on his side, Riley will be competing in the younger age group of the B/W 85cc classes at the Junior nationals in 2016 and the team will now go to work on building confidence and race intensity for Findlay to show his potential for the rest of the season.

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Photo’s courtesy of; Marc Jones Photography, series photographer John Smith, Travi Cooper Designs, Cooper Van Vilet and Julian Roberts. 


The MAD Peter Stevens junior development team now turn our attention to our Junior Nationals preparation coaching camp in Renmark S.A on Friday 1st, Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd of July along with camps at Wonthaggi June 28th / 29th and Rosebud July 23rd.


We wish to take the time to thank the following sponsors for their support this season; Peter Stevens Motorcycles, KTM Australia, FOX Australia, Dunlop, Repsol Oils, SPMX, The Collective, Slootz Designs, Dirtybits Moto Accessories, Titan protein, Flush Fitness, Flooring Sales.com.au and Race Socal Mx vacations.