Junior Vic State titles Round 1 – Race report

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The weekend of March 12th and 13th saw the MAD Peter Stevens KTM junior development team competing at Outtrim for round 1 of the Junior Victorian state titles. With the long preseason grind concluding with final bike set up testing sessions and on the bike training the week leading up to the event, our junior development team riders of Micheal Murphy, Riley Findlay and Josh Brewster felt excited and confident heading into the first big race of the season.

Full race report below:

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Race Report

The Korrumburra Motorcycle club presented the riders, teams and families with a prefect race circuit and considering the extremely dry summer we have had in Victoria this was no easy task. So first of all hats off to the club and the MX Management committee for running a great event for our team to attend.


Day 1: 85cc B/W A grade 

Micheal Murphy started his season off with a huge performance in the highly competitive 85cc B/W A class. Murphy started Moto 1 in second place and after a brief battle with Husqvarn’s Bailey Malkiewicz out front, Murphy settled into second place for the moto finish. Moto 2 saw a holeshot for Murphy in a race where he was kept honest early on by Tom Bell on the BCP pro Circuit CRF 150f machine, along with Malkiewicz, Y Aim Yamaha’s Liam Andrews and the interstate riders of Alex Larwood & John Bova. Murphy rode consistent and despite a late moto tip over in a corner came home with a comfortable moto victory. Moto 3 saw another great start and quick move to get to the lead early on lap one. After briefly battling with Husqvarn’s Bailey Malkiewicz, Murphy rode consistent and settled into second to secure the overall win at R1 of the Junior state titles for the MAD Peter Stevens KTM junior development team.


Riley Findlay continued his comeback from injury in 2015 and round one of this series marked a full season since he last competed at state or national level. Riley started the day with a solid 9th position in moto 1 after a average start and mid race charge through the pack. Unfortunately moto 2 saw a samilar performance turn bad on the last lap with a crash on the fast back straight and a drop to 25th position. With a sore shoulder and banged up body riley rode a determined but smart final moto to score points that will be vital in the championship long run and end the day with 15th Overall. This result is a solid base to work from for the Findlay family and the team as we proceed into the Gippsland regional series Round 1 this weekend.


Day 2: 125cc A grade 

Josh Brewster made his debut in the 125cc A class after being promoted from B gradein 2015. Josh surprised not only himself but the team by a fantastic 9th position in moto 1 in a highly competitive field that included the Tasmanian, Victorian, NSW and WA state champions along with even junior world champions.  With many more factory supported riders this class resembled a national more than a state event and the racing and pace was intense. Unfortunately for Josh moto’s two and three saw average starts and crashes hamper his progress even with great speed. Finishing 20th overall is no reflection on Josh’s efforts or speed on the day and then team will now work from this base to improve on race day consistency.

Micheal Murphy came down to earth quickly from his victory the day before when he aggravated an old neck  soft tissue injury on the very first lap of race number one. With intense pain and a trip the the event aid medics, Murphy soldiered through the day and scored valuable points in all three races that will contribute to his championship campaign in 2016. Murphy managed a very impressive 15th overall riding under pain and distraction, the team are very proud of his efforts and after consulting doctors on Monday there is no long term issues for the season. Micheal will be back and healthy for the Gippsland regional’s this weekend and the rest of the season.


The MAD Peter Stevens junior development team now turn our attention to R1 of the Gippsland regionals this weekend at Maffra, along with our Easter weekend preparation camp for round 2 of the Junior Vic titles series.


We wish to take the time to thank the following sponsors for their support this season; Peter Stevens Motorcycles, KTM Australia, FOX Australia, Dunlop, Repsol Oils, SPMX, The Collective, Slootz Designs, Dirtybits Moto Accessories, Titan protein, Flush Fitness, Flooring Sales.com.au and Race Socal Mx vacations.