Joe’s Blog.. Coaching camps and June on the road.

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Hi everyone,

With the new M.A.D Moto coaching website up and running I’ll be posting more and more content in an attempt to keep you guys up to date with all of our coaching camps, rider results and progress along with any other relevant news, in a more relaxed atmosphere away from my official magazine articles and Trainers corner posts.

June offers a solid month off from the MX Nationals series, it was time to hit the road for a total of four coaching camps in as many weekends. With the current race schedule we have between nationals, state junior and senior along with regionals, it is very tough to be able to fit in coaching camps during the season. However with a good schedule booked for June I hit the road!


Weekend number one was my first trip to Starglen Lodge for the month. This amazing offroad facility located in Bonnie Doon has over 400 acres of trails, single track, rolling hills, basic obstacles and extreme terrain Enduro X course. This first camp on June was a Junior Senior intermediate level recreational rider day. #teamMAD coach and AORC U19’s championship leader Tom Mason partnered up with me on the day to coach our riders through the day of riding fundamentals and functional riding technqiue, before progressing to group activities with tire races, basic obstacle navigation and hitting the trails before the day was over. Our riders were not quite ready for the extreme terrain sections of the facility but next time we return I expect to see them ready to progress further ahead in their riding after learning the base platform to progress their riding style from. Thanks to Stagrlen lodge for always being great hosts, feeding our riders (and coaches) and providing such a great day for the crew!

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Weekend number two saw me teaming up with Brody Jennings from #3ZERO mx coaching in Tasmania. This is the second time in 2015 I have been to Tasmania to work with Brody and it is always something I look forward to. Brody and myself are the same age and share the same passion for coaching Motocross, pushing the innovation of how our riders can learn and progress. I feel the #3ZERO program is the biggest asset to Tasmanian Motocross development at the moment and it’s great to see the riders levels progressing every six months or so when I return to Tassie, thanks to the major effort Brody puts into his riders. My interstate camps are always a fun time as I get to hold the “M.A.D Moto fitness seminars” where we take all the riders in the camp to a gym facility and educate them on proper fitness training methods, spend some time answering questions and myth busting before putting the crew through a demonstration training session. Needless to say after two full days of coaching and a gym session the riders sleep well on Sunday night! Thanks to Van Demon Fitness for hosting our fitness seminar on the Sunday morning. Although it was literally freezing cold on Saturday at Oatlands, we pushed through and Sundays coaching at Cambridge Moto was one of the most fun days I’ve had coaching in a long time! A great crew of riders with no egos, just wanting to learn and push themselves! Brody and the #3ZERO crew will be in town for the M.A.D pre season January camps I run in Gippsland annually, and we are aiming to be back in Tasmania at the start of 2016 for our second annual #ZERO/M.A.D pre season camp! Thanks to Brody Jennings and Yamaha Australia for the loaner bike, FOX for the rider prize packs and the Ellis family for my airport shuttle runs and accommodation! Great to see young Brody Ellis back on the bike after his broken leg, watch out in 2016 this kid will be coming in hot.

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For the final weekend, I had an Offroad Extreme terrain and Enduro X coaching camp out at Starglen lodge on Saturday, located in Bonnie Doon. I love working at this facility, although I’m not an “off road” rider per say, I pride myself on having great bike control and coaching fundamental functional riding techniques that when tweaked slightly can be transferred to each discipline of our sport. I had a private group of ten riders booked (yes i offer private bookings away from our bigger camps) and we spent the days progressing the riders from base level skills and fundamentals out on the rolling hills of the facility, before taking the learned technique into the extreme terrain single track and hill climbs. Our final attention was to tackle the impressive and daunting Enduro-X course, and the riders handled the logs, rocks and tires well after learning to focus on their technique and bike control rather than the intimidating nature of the obstacles! A few bent bars and bruises along the way is all part of the fun and we are currently booking our spring off road coaching dates at the moment so stay tuned!

Sunday saw our annual “SAND BLASTER” coaching day out at Rosebud in preparation for the Rosebud Gisppland regionals and the Hattah Desert race. A massive turn out of thirty riders came down to work with myself and #teamMAD coaches Sam Martin and Andy Dinicol. It’s always a tough day for new riders to the deep sand of Rosebud (essentially it’s beach sand) but growing up in Europe the sand is something I’m very comfortable in and enjoy pushing riders past the fear factor of holding the gas on, looking ahead and railing sandy berms. By the end of the day everyone was going hard in the sand and we had some serious passes going down for our A and B grade race simulation drills. Thanks to Rosebud club and president Mick Sharp for giving us such a pristine day at their facility, after pulling a few kg’s of sand out of my underwear and washing bikes we were at an end to the crazy month of June on the road!

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Check out the gallery to see all the images from the above camps, stay tuned for our spring coaching calendar coming in the next few weeks and don’t forget to tune into to catch my coverage of the remanininf four rounds of the MX Nationals series starting this weekend at Sheparton.